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What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, also called telangiectasia, are branching blood vessels that can be easily seen through the skin on the legs or face. They are usually purple, blue, or red and may appear as visible lines or in web-like formations. While spider veins are not usually dangerous, many people still find them unattractive and may choose to avoid wearing certain clothing to cover up their veins. At Contemporary Dermatology, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Robert Nossa is an expert in sclerotherapy and Vbeam Perfecta® laser treatments to effectively reduce or eliminate spider veins. As one of the world's best-selling pulsed dye lasers, Vbeam Perfecta cen effectively diminish the apperance of spider veins through a series of innovative laser treatments. Book an appointment at our office in Marstons Mills, MA to learn more about our minimally invasive methods to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

How Are Spider Veins Treated?

During your appointment, Dr. Nossa will perform an exam and determine which option would be best to treat your spider veins. We offer the following treatments:

  • Sclerotherapy: This quick, noninvasive treatment involves using a needle to inject a special concentrated solution into the affected vein, which causes it to eventually collapse and be reabsorbed into the body. Compression stockings are often used to help speed healing following the treatment. After a few weeks, the treated veins will shrink, turn white, and then disappear or fade. Some patients need multiple sessions to achieve the best possible results.
  • Laser treatments: During an in-office session, the Vbeam Perfecta laser is passed over the treatment areas to emit pulsed dye laser energy into the veins and eradicate the blood vessels. You may have some bruising or swelling immediately following your treatment. Within 1 – 3 months, the treated veins will begin to shrink and you should start to see clearer, healthier-looking skin. Most people need 2 – 4 laser treatments for optimal outcomes.

Banish Spider Veins

If you have spider veins that appear on your face and body, you may find them annoying as they multiply over the years. We invite you to contact Contemporary Dermatology to set up a visit with Dr. Robert Nossa and learn more about cutting-edge treatments for spider veins in Marstons Mills, MA. He can build a personalized treatment plan to diminish visible veins and help you look and feel more attractive.

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