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What is a Skin Cancer Screening?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. The high incidence of skin cancer means regular skin exams are crucial, particularly when you have a family or personal history of skin cancer. Early detection is key to provide you more treatment choices and improved outcomes. In addition to many advanced skin cancer treatments, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Robert Nossa offers comprehensive skin cancer screenings along with biopsies of abnormal areas. He is extensively experienced in the top methods to detect actinic keratoses (AK), basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma. To schedule a skin cancer screening, contact Contemporary Dermatology in Marstons Mills, MA.

Checking Your Skin for Cancer

During your skin screening, Dr. Nossa will check your full body for moles, birthmarks, and any other abnormal growths. He can make a map of spots to mark regions of concern and to quickly identify new moles at future appointments. Dr. Nossa will explain how to perform a self-exam between your appointments so you know what's normal and when a spot changes. In some cases, Dr. Nossa might recommend a biopsy of a suspicious mole or spot. He will numb the skin, then shave a little sample. The biopsy will be sent to a pathology laboratory for evaluation, and you'll be contacted with the results afterward. Following your examination, Dr. Nossa will talk to you about your skin and make recommendations. He will also tell you when you need to come back for your next skin exam.

Skin cancer screenings FAQs

When is a mole considered suspicious?

Moles that change in color, size, or shape are considered suspicious. Moles that bleed, ooze fluid, or become irritated by shaving are also suspicious. Patients should keep an eye on moles that appear out of nowhere as well as those that change suddenly. These signs can be a warning sign of melanoma or other skin issues.

How do you prepare for a skin cancer screening?

Contemporary Dermatology will ask you about your medical history, family history of skin cancer, and any current moles or skin lesions that are currently causing problems. Patients can also prepare by pointing out any areas they think are worth noting. It may be helpful to provide pictures of how a mole has changed over time so we can understand what could be a potential concern.

Why choose us for a skin cancer screening?

Our dermatology clinic is highly trained in skin cancer screenings and can accurately detect any suspicious changes in your skin. We are also proud to provide the most advanced technology available in the area. Our team uses cutting-edge diagnostic tools and surgeries, which means more accurate diagnoses with great treatment options in Marstons Mills, MA.

Early Detection is the Key

Knowing your risk and early detection are two major keys to the successful treatment of skin cancer. If you're due for a yearly skin check, then please contact Contemporary Dermatology in Marstons Mills, MA. Whether you're at high risk for developing skin cancer, or you have concerns about an abnormal growth on your skin, we encourage you to schedule a skin cancer exam with Dr. Nossa.

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